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"Sky is always BLUE"


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Latest announcement:

8th November, 2001

My exam is coming! Below is my exam's date.

3rd December
10th December
12th December

Another important day for me is 13th December. That's my Birthday!!

28th August

I will improve the audio-visual feedback of this site as soon as possible. Beside that, an introduction flash will be included in the future. Thank You for your support.

I have also submitted this site to few major search engines in the world. After several weeks, my site will be on the search engines after they have processed it.


First of all, I would like to thank and welcome all the visitors of my personal homepage. I have created few websites and this is the first website that totally about my life and myself. It's far more difficult compare with other webpages I have created because the content of personal homepage is very limited.

Why I have the idea of creating this personal homepage? As we know, the growth of the internet in the world is few times faster than the growth of television in the sixties. We can access the internet everywhere in this world with the existence of lease lines or telecommunication lines. Another reasons of creating this site is because there is more and more of my friends are going to overseas to further their studies. I hope they can get the latest information of me with this homepage and we will always keep in touch and maintain our friendship no matter where we are. Although we are far away from each other in term of distance, but I hope our hearts and spirits will always together.

I promise to all the visitors that I will not include heavy graphics, animations and flash in this site. This is because most of us in Malaysia is using dial-up network, unlike some in australia, uk or states that using leased lines such as ISDN. I promise to you that even though you are using 14.4 kbps modem, you can still load every single page of my site in less than 20 seconds. I will definitely include heavy graphics and animations when broadbands become common in Malaysia or common among my friends.

Alright, I think my message is long enough to make this welcome page look nice. Finally, I hope those who have the latest news, gossips or announcements, please do not feel hesitates to email me at because I need the latest information to publish in my personal sites. Thanks.



Latest News : 26th August

APIIT Sport Carnival
Basketball Male Event

Lemon Boy II
10 - 0

note: CELL is my team.

Latest News: 26th August

Aston Villa
Manchester United
1- 1

Latest Gossip: 19th August

Chong Choy Lee is going to get married very soon. According to the reliable source, the wedding will be in the end of September. I hereby take this oppurtunity to congratulate them. I hope they will live happily ever after. Anybody who have the latest gossip, please email me at

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